A global effort: Golder Trust for Orphans

The Golder Trust for Orphans was established in South Africa by Golder employees in 2003, at a time when there were many children orphaned or displaced by the HIV AIDS pandemic. With the realization of their ability to make a significant difference in the world, our people decided to act and not be bystanders to the devastation caused by this disease.

Since then, the Trust has evolved from a small grassroots operation and today is an enterprise focused on developing sustainable solutions that empower the community and improve the lives of vulnerable children. To achieve this objective, the Trust supports and partners with organizations who share the same mission, and currently funds 15 projects in 8 African countries where over 4,000 children benefit from food security, healthy living environments, and education.

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An Overview of GTO Projects for 2016 & 2017
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Indigenous Relations

Golder has a long history of working with Indigenous communities. These relationships are guided by our corporate values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, caring and ownership. We are committed to working with Indigenous peoples in ways that are respectful, welcoming and culturally aware.

As a signatory to the UN Global Compact, Golder’s work in this area supports the UNGC’s focus on social and environmental sustainability.

“There are opportunities to involve Indigenous people in business ventures as owners, suppliers, contractors and employees. This can contribute to the long-term success of projects and help embed business in the local community.”UNGC, Social Sustainability, Indigenous Peoples

Our Indigenous Relations Policy outlines our commitment to work with Indigenous communities and businesses to maximize their participation in our projects, and develop profitable partnerships that contribute to capacity development and foster community success. In doing this, we support our clients in fulfilling their commitments to Indigenous peoples.

Maximizing economic benefits to Indigenous communities

Golder has developed an Indigenous Participation Model to assist our clients in achieving their Indigenous engagement, procurement, and training goals. Our model consists of a seven-phase process:

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