Message from the CEO

Engineers and scientists are generally wired to be dedicated problem-solvers. Those of us who pursue this field of study and profession do so specifically because we believe there is always a better way to do things, and in the process, constantly challenge ourselves and conventional wisdom.  Because of this, our industry is well-placed to contribute to society’s most pressing sustainability challenges.

In fact, our industry can lay claim to a devotion to sustainability before there was a name for it. If we look back on our historical achievements, we repeatedly find that we delivered projects that satisfied social, economic and environmental agendas.  We partner with our clients to develop and deliver on increasingly challenging sustainable development goals.  Often the best answers come from inclusivity—engaging communities in which our clients operate and working together to find solutions that work for all. This is no longer an altruistic idea, but a business strategy—a marriage between self-interest and the greater good.

Every day, we witness the hard progression of our carbon-constrained economy.  The most traditional providers of fuels and power are actively seeking and embracing alternatives.  Changing demographics including aging populations and migrations into urban settings are all challenging public and private organizations to shift to better serve communities and stakeholders.  We are working each day to attack these challenges to resources, infrastructure, and environments.

At Golder, caring is one of our core corporate values.  Our employee-owners are committed to sustainability—from both the perspective of delivering more sustainable projects that meet the needs of our clients and communities, to “walking the talk” in our business operations. We have embedded sustainability principles into our long-term strategy and included specific goals for both internal processes and solutions for our clients and communities. We further demonstrate our commitment in our corporate social responsibility program that is focused on creating more sustainable communities where we live and work. Our investments range from projects sponsored by the Golder Trust for Orphans, which supports sustainable programs dedicated to a better life quality for AIDs-ravaged African communities, to activities closer to home for many of our colleagues where we support extensive community and volunteer efforts.

In 2016, I signed, on behalf of Golder, a corporate commitment to the UN Global Compact and have dedicated our firm to transparency in our efforts to promote sustainable development in accordance with the 17 components of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and in regular reporting under GRI guidelines.

It is my pleasure to introduce Golder’s 2016-2017 Sustainable Development Report. I hope this report gives you insight into our company and our commitment to sustainability.

Hisham Mahmoud, PhD, PE
Global President & CEO

Message from the Board of Directors

Message from the Board of Directors

Sustainability has been core to Golder’s mission since the company was formed although we may not have described it in this way.  Our ownership model was designed at the outset with a vision of inter-generational transfer and some of our earliest technical work was for clients seeking to provide renewable…

Message from the Global Sustainability Leader

Message from Global Sustainability Leader

Each year our organisation advances in its goal to provide innovative sustainable solutions for our clients’ projects, while at the same time reducing carbon consumption and contributing to the preservation of natural capital. Before delving into our projects, let’s consider the current state of the planet……


Golder is a highly specialized global consulting, design, and construction firm, owned by its employees. Our technical expertise as engineers and scientists is sought by clients from a broad range of sectors including infrastructure, power, manufacturing mining, and oil and gas. Golder’s annual revenues are in excess of US$1b, gained by delivering services to clients whose projects span the globe. This is achieved through the work of over 6,000 Golder employees located in 36 countries.

As a 100% employee-owned company, our people are truly invested in, committed to, and are the primary beneficiaries of Golder’s success. This commitment sets us apart in every aspect of what we do. More than half of all full-time employees in Golder own shares and participate as owners. We believe that ownership strengthens employee engagement and is reflected in the quality and dedication of service provided to our clients.

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  • 38% FULL TIME
  • 4.2% CONTRACT
  • 3% PART TIME
  • 1% CASUAL
  • 62% Full Time
  • 2% CASUAL
  • 1.8% PART TIME


The Board of Directors of Enterra Holdings Ltd, the holding company for Golder, is the highest governance body within the organization. As of December 31, 2017, the Board was comprised of the President/Chief Executive Officer, seven Directors, one of who is nominated Lead Director, selected by the employee shareholders of the company from among the senior staff, and three external directors. Except for the external directors, board members are all Principals or Associates of the company.

Executive Committee and Global Operating Group

The Golder Executive Committee, with appropriate delegation to the Global Operating Group, is responsible for implementing the company strategy. The Executive Committee comprises the CEO and COO, regional Presidents, covering Canada, the US, the Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Mining, and executives with responsibilities for core business functions, including legal, finance, communications, safety, health, environment, risk and human resources. Key responsibilities are to lead and manage Golder to ensure its long-term sustainability and value, and thereby look after the best interests of shareholders.

Principals and Associates – Leadership by Owners

Golder’s Principals and Associates are responsible for achieving the desired outcomes set out in our strategy, through leadership within their own individual areas of practice and responsibility. Our Principals and Associates provide technical leadership, direct and manage projects, interface with clients, conduct business development, and mentor other employees. The Principals and Associates community forms the core of our employee ownership model and its inter-generational sustainability.

Other Staff

Materiality: shared perspectives

Our people, our clients and our communities are seeking true partnership in addressing the challenges of working, operating and living sustainably. At Golder, we pay attention to the varying perspectives of each stakeholder group when considering the issues that substantively influence their assessments and decisions. In addition, Golder has its own set of sustainability objectives that we aim to improve on each year. In combination, this typically results in the development of a set of shared perspectives that form the basis for our approach to delivering sustainable solutions.


Golder’s values guide the behaviors of all employees. Golder’s global Anti-Bribery Anti-Corruption (ABC) Policy sets out the requirements for our business to comply with the anti-bribery and corruption laws in the countries in which we do business, or intend to do business, and prohibits corrupt payments or other improper conduct.

Communication to all employees about the requirements in this area is comprehensive and continuous. All employees are required to participate in annual training concerning anti-bribery and anti-corruption and confirm their understanding of the provisions of the policy and the results of non-compliance. Non-compliance is monitored through Golder’s Ethics and Compliance Hotline, Region Legal Counsel and self-awareness. Golder maintains a list of restricted countries where bribery and corruption are deemed a risk, and undertakes the necessary assessments and third-party screening in line with our policy.